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The Only Supplier of Configurable Mechanical Components for Assembly Automation Announces Immediate Availability of its 2008 Metric and Inch Catalogs

MISUMI announces the immediate availability of its 2008 metric and inch catalogs of mechanical components. The Metric and Inch catalogs feature over 3,000 pages filled with 500,000 fixed and configurable mechanical components and other products for enhanced factory automation. Plus, these MISUMI catalogs include over 6,000 new products, as well as over 3,000 products with additional sizes and material compositions.

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Visit MISUMI in booth 4257 at the ATX West show in Anaheim, CA

Visit MISUMI at ATX West

January 29-31, 2008 MISUMI will be in booth 4257 at ATX West, the Automation event of the year. Located in the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim CA, ATX West is part of Automation week which includes a plethora of shows and events.

Also, be sure to visit the MISUMI hospitality suite and attend a Configuration Tech Seminar. Simply register for the Anaheim, Configuration Tech Seminar by clicking here.

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Free Seminars - Click here MISUMI has launched a nationwide Configuration Tech Seminar program to expand its professional services to the design engineering community. Comprehensive and focused on practical problem solving and cost saving techniques for the engineering professional, these FREE sessions are highly interactive between instructor and attendee. All MISUMI instructors bring current real world experience and know-how to their course instruction.

These half-day technical seminars are designed to give factory automation engineers cost effective solutions using the MISUMI business model. Major highlights are the CAD Configurator used to configure components and to download native CAD files, no minimum order quantities, and a product portfolio of over 500,000 metric and inch components.

Interested in bringing one of our Configuration Tech Seminars to your location? Call 1.847.843.9105 x251 or email droark@misumiusa.com for information.

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MISUMI Standard Length Straight Shafts are Now Stocked and Ready to Ship in One-Day

The new "Linear Shafts Quickly" program includes 450 straight shaft types and competitive pricing for the entire product line.

When compared to previous one day express manufacturing options the "Linear Shafts Quickly" program allows you to save up to 65% cost for standard straight shafts. Metric stocked shafts include 52100 Bearing Steel, with or without chrome plating, and 440C Stainless Steel materials.

In addition, Inch stocked shafts include 1060 Steel and 440C Stainless Steel materials. One-day shipment and prices as low as $1.70 are standard for MISUMI linear shafts.

The machine design and build process is often filled with various complexities and challenges. Frequently engineers are faced with tight project deadlines and a host of issues that can cause the project to go over budget and can cause the machine's performance to suffer. This is why each month MISUMI prides itself in helping engineers by supplying industry proven technical data dealing with some of the most common issues. For this month the technical references cover how to determine critical component strength tolerances.

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In addition to Linear Shafts select Stopper Pins, Stopper Bolts, Washers, Collars and Pillow Block Style Linear Bushings are also stocked and ready to ship in one-day. These include:

Stopper Pins
Press Fit, Threaded, Spherical, Urethane Tip (selected Types are stocked)

Stopper Bolts
Shoulder Type (selected types and sizes)

Washers and Collars
Selected Types and sizes

Pillow Block Style Linear Bushings
Tall and Wide Block in Single and Double Length (Selected Types)

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MISUMI's new Single Axis Actuators: LX Series

  • Standard configurations ship in 6 days.
  • Available with or without cover.
  • Base lengths available in 10mm increments.
  • Compact design, equipped with dowel holes on base plate and carriage.
  • Starts at $460
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Special Offers

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MISUMI currently has several special offers designed to help engineers save more and get more such as:

Product Spotlight

Each month MISUMI highlights a few of the features and benefits for some of its most popular components.

Linear Shafts

With materials ranging from Steel to Bearing Steel and Stainless Steel, MISUMI Linear Shafts can be configured in one-millimeter length increments. In addition, no drawings are required because engineers can use the MISUMI online CAD Configurator to design shafts to their specifications. The best part is engineers have a variety of shaft end configurations to choose from and all MISUMI Linear Shafts feature a standard manufacturing time of three days with same day or next day shipping available on some configured shafts.

Click here for more information on our entire line of Linear Shafts.

Linear Bushings

Also known as linear bearings, MISUMI offers an extensive line of linear ball bushings for most factory automation applications. By offering 259 types of linear ball bushings, MISUMI customers are able to choose from a broad assortment of sizes and styles so their application needs can be quickly met.

Click here to learn more about our full line of linear bushings.

Steel Plates / Stainless Steel Plates / Aluminum Plates / Copper Plates

Why machine custom plates when you can configure plates from MISUMI and save valuable time and money? MISUMI Plates offer configurable dimensions in 1mm increments and arrive machined and ready to install. Available are a variety of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper materials so exact application needs can be met.

Click here or more information on our entire line of Plates.

For help in choosing the right class of steel, click here to view the Steel Plates Reference Guide.

XY Stages

MISUMI offers a complete family of XY Stages, each with many sizes and options. For 2008 the XY Stage product line has increased its selection why decreasing manufacturing times for some of its products. As a result MISUMI now offers one of the most comprehensive lines of XY Stages available.

Click here for more information on our entire line of XY Stages.

Locating Pins

MISUMI locating pins are available in flat position, wrench flats, tip angle, relief at thread end and shoulder top radius designs. In addition, these locating pins offer Configurability in 1mm length increments with a configurable thread length and thread diameter options for some types. Material options are plentiful with Steel and Stainless Steel options as well as an Aluminum option for select types. Lastly, customers can choose from threaded and tapped end configurations.

Configurability in the following dimensions:
  · Head length in 0.1mm increments.
  · Head diameter in 0.01mm increments.
  · Shank length in 1mm increments.

Click here for more on our entire line of locating pins.


Technical Resources: Application Ideas for Assembly Automation

Many new products at MISUMI are the result of extensive market research and customer interviews, as MISUMI strives to marry its engineering skills to the needs of its many and growing market segments.

Through this process MISUMI also receives many great application ideas for various products. See below for links to these great ideas.

Application Ideas for Linear Shafts More >>

Application Ideas for Urethane and Rubber Sheets More >>

Application Guidance for XY Stages More >>

MISUMI Configurable Components

Why go custom when you can configure?

Dial Tool Industries

Dial Tool Industries, Inc. is now able to reduce the average mechanical component count for their machines from 2,000 per machine to the range of 1,500 per machine and expects to decrease this number further as the usage of configurable components increases.

Click here for the entire story.

What is the configurable component? - The configurable component is a component that allows the engineer to specify critical dimensions through various design parameters.

For example: Using configurable linear shafts provides you with:

  • Configurability in 1mm length increments.
  • No drawings are required. Use our online CAD Configurator to design shafts to your specifications and download native CAD files.
  • Choose from a variety of shaft-end configurations. See below for a sample.
  • Standard manufacturing time of 3 days with same day or next day shipping available on some configured shafts.

shaft-end configurations

MISUMI Business Model

In addition, the MISUMI Business Model offers customers:

  • No minimum order quantities or set up charges for a product portfolio of 500,000 metric and inch components.
  • No drawings are required. Use the online CAD Configurator to configure components and download native CAD files.
  • 99.95% on-time delivery rating with most products shipping in 3-6 days or less.
  • Price and delivery are published in the catalog and on the web site.
  • Components can be ordered using the web ordering system at www.misumiusa.com.

For more information about MISUMI:


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