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New Products

New Self-Lubricating Linear Bushings

The performance of these bushings centers on the unique MISUMI design of its MX lubrication unit.

MISUMI introduces a new family of self-lubricating linear bushings. Offered in assorted styles, with straight or mini-flanged versions available, these new bushings carry 3x the rated life span of conventional bushings.

Other features include:
  • An integral fiber pad delivers the lubricant to the shaft surface through a capillary action, thus maintaining a constant lubricating film between ball bearing and shaft for excellent performance.
  • Self-lubricating linear bushings are pre-loaded with a lithium soap-based grease for quick and easy installation.
Click here for further information about this revolutionary new product from MISUMI.

New Single Axis Actuators

  • 226 Configurations
  • Manufactured in 6 days
  • $460 Starting price
  • Available with or without cover
  • Base lengths available in 10mm increments
  • Compact design, equipped with dowel holes on base plate and carriage
  • Lifespan Calculation Software available at www.misumiusa.com/saa
The LX Series is now available for a variety of precision motion control applications in the packaging, machine tool, automotive, appliance, semiconductor, medical and other industries. The new line offers a choice of standard or covered styles in three capacities, with lower overall stage height to conserve space, dowel holes in the base plate for accurate and fast assembly, plus the base length is configurable down to 10mm increments. As with all MISUMI products, there is no minimum quantity and configured units can be supplied in as little as six days. Unit prices start at $460.

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New Services

MISUMI Standard Length Straight Shafts are Now Stocked and Ready to Ship in One-Day

The new "Linear Shafts Quickly" program includes 450 straight shaft types and competitive pricing for the entire product line.

When compared to previous one day express manufacturing options the "Linear Shafts Quickly" program allows you to save up to 65% cost for standard straight shafts. Metric stocked shafts include 52100 Bearing Steel, with or without chrome plating, and 440C Stainless Steel materials.

In addition, Inch stocked shafts include 1060 Steel and 440C Stainless Steel materials. One-day shipment and prices as low as $1.70 are standard for MISUMI linear shafts.

Click here to view the entire line of linear shafts.

MISUMI Offers Canadian Customer Care Program

MISUMI offers the Canadian Customer Care (CCC) Program intended to save Canadian customers on brokerage fees associated with US to Canada shipments. The program is designed to set a standard brokerage fee of $4.90 USD for all ground shipments. This cost savings effort is a result of customer feedback stating that although the product pricing was competitive the brokerage fees were becoming a burden to many MISUMI USA Inc. customers.

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Machine Design - Spec MISUMI Components
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MISUMI currently has several special offers designed to help engineers save more and get more such as:

Product Spotlights

MISUMI configurable components are full of features that benefit the engineer. See below for more information on some of our most popular configurable components.

Stop Pins / Stopper Bolts

MISUMI stop pins and stopper bolts are designed as hard stop components which help prevent damage to mating components when fitted with the Urethane contact pads. The assortment of stop pins and stopper bolts available from MISUMI includes multiple configurations and the Urethane contact pad is an option for many types.

To find out more about how these components can offer cost effective performance for a vast array of applications click here for stop pins and click here for stopper bolts.

Linear Shafts

MISUMI linear shafts feature configurability in one-millimeter length increments with no drawings required. Engineers can use the MISUMI online CAD Configurator to design shafts to their specifications and choose from a variety of shaft end configurations.

Click here for an overview of the complete MISUMI linear shaft product line.

Screws / Bolts / Washers / Nuts

MISUMI offers an assortment of screws, bolts and nuts suited to meet most any application. From high strength and stainless steel hexagon bolts to quick tightening nuts as well as configurable screws and washers, MISUMI has a complete line of product types with various material and surface options.

Click here to learn about the complete line of screws, bolts and nuts from MISUMI. To view the entire line of configurable washers, click here.

Locating Pins

Available in flat position, wrench flats, tip angle, relief at thread end and shoulder top radius designs MISUMI locating pins are one of the most configurable components offered. With configurability in the following dimensions:
  • Head length in 0.1mm increments
  • Head diameter in 0.01mm increments
  • Shank length in 1mm increments
  • Configurable in 1mm length increments with configurable thread length and thread diameter options for some types.
Materials include Steel and Stainless Steel with Aluminum as an option for select types. In addition MISUMI locating pins are available in threaded and tapped end configurations.

Click here for more on our entire line of locating pins.


MISUMI Rollers feature configurable lengths in 1mm increments and offer a host of material and surface treatments. Manufactured for many types of applications, MISUMI Rollers are available in standard, set-screw and bearing designs. Popular materials include 304 Stainless Steel and 5052 Aluminum with Urethane as well as Silicon Rubber being offered as a choice of surface treatment.

Click here to view more about the complete line of MISUMI Rollers.

Technical Reference Guides for Material Selection and Linear Motion

Material selection is a critical step in the machine designing process as is understanding the various dynamics involved with choosing the correct linear motion solution for the application. See below for some helpful technical reference guides to assist you during the machine design and build process.

Properties and Characteristics of Urethane & Rubbers More >>

Reference Guides for Material Hardness and Sizes More >>

A Guide to Linear Shaft Selection by Shape and Materials More >>

Explanation of Linear Guides — Basic Structure More >>

Explanation of Linear Guides — Design of the Slide Guide Mounting Face More >>

Explanation of Linear Guides — Mounting of the Linear Motion Guide More >>

Click here to try our new Lifespan Calculation Software More >>

MISUMI Configurable Components

Why go custom when you can configure?

Cincinnati Automation & Test

Farris Automated Systems (FAS) developed an ultrasonic welding and tubing cutoff machine for a biomedical plastics manufacturer. When designing and building this machine FAS was able to save time by configuring locating pins, linear shafts, linear bushings, stopper blocks, timing belts, timing pulleys and hexagonal posts using the MISUMI CAD configurator.

Click here for the entire story.

What is the configurable component? - The configurable component is a component that allows the engineer to specify critical dimensions through various design parameters.

For example: Using configurable linear shafts provides you with:

  • Configurability in 1mm length increments.
  • No drawings are required. Use our online CAD Configurator to design shafts to your specifications and download native CAD files.
  • Choose from a variety of shaft-end configurations. See below for a sample.
  • Standard manufacturing time of 3 days with same day or next day shipping available on some configured shafts.

shaft-end configurations

MISUMI Business Model

In addition, the MISUMI Business Model offers customers:

  • No minimum order quantities or set up charges for a product portfolio of 500,000 metric and inch components.
  • No drawings are required. Use the online CAD Configurator to configure components and download native CAD files.
  • 99.95% on-time delivery rating with most products shipping in 3-6 days or less.
  • Price and delivery are published in the catalog and on the web site.
  • Components can be ordered using the web ordering system at www.misumiusa.com.

For more information about MISUMI:


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