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Designing and building machines for complex applications is challenging enough without having to deal with the extra time, budget and performance pressures common in the lives of today's engineers. More than ever before engineers are faced with doing more with less while trying to increase the performance and efficiency of the machine.

That's why MISUMI is proud to offer helpful technical data on one of the most popular topics in factory automation today: How to achieve more performance and efficiency at the component level.

Articles and Reference Guides for Specifying the RIGHT Components for your Machine Build

This month the MISUMI newsletter focuses on the component. See below for series of articles and reference guides that help take some of the guess work out of specifying the right components for your machine build.

Description of Fits / Graphical Representation of Standard Fits and Tolerance Table for Regularly Used Fits

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When to Build, When to Buy — Single Axis Actuators

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Achieving Efficiency at the Component Level

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Proper Bolt Axial Tightening Force / Proper Tightening Torque / Strength of Bolts, Screws and Dowel Pins

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Special Offers

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MISUMI currently has several special offers designed to help engineers save more and get more such as:

Product Spotlights

MISUMI empowers engineers with a product portfolio of 400,000 factory automation components. Each month the MISUMI newsletter will feature a set of unique products to explain the benefits of each.

Single Axis Actuator

The MISUMI Single Axis Actuator is available in 208 configurations with a standard manufacturing time of 11 days and a $1,073 starting price. MISUMI has produced the reliable way to bring linear motion to the machine that's quick, easy and affordable. Click here for complete product specifications for the MISUMI Single Axis Actuator.

Compact Stopper Blocks and Brackets

The new compact style stopper blocks are available in low-carbon steel with black oxide or electroless nickel plating, as well as 304 stainless steel. Configurable heights in 1mm increments from 3-20mm are offered with compact counterbore design for flush fitting in tight spaces. Compact stopper brackets in hex or bolt styles are likewise offered in low-carbon steel with black oxide or EN plating, as well as 303 stainless steel. In reference to the bolt style, the fixing nut is bright chromate low-carbon steel or 304 stainless steel. Click here for more details into the Compact Stopper Blocks and Brackets. Click here for an overview of the expansive line of configurable and fixed blocks, brackets, plungers, guides and other locating components from MISUMI.

Linear Guides

MISUMI offers an extensive line of linear guides for factory automation applications. To help choose the right linear guide for the right application Click here and learn about the properties of slide guides, slide ways and slide tables. Also learn how and when to use air slide guides and low dust greased linear guides. Click here for more information covering the entire MISUMI linear guide product line.

Linear Shafts

MISUMI linear shafts feature configurability in one-millimeter length increments with no drawings required. Engineers can use the MISUMI online CAD Configurator to design shafts to their specifications and choose from a variety of shaft end configurations. Click here for an overview of the complete MISUMI linear shaft product line.


MISUMI Rollers feature configurable lengths in 1mm increments and offer a host of material and surface treatments with a choice of colors for some types. Manufactured for many types of applications, MISUMI Rollers are available in standard, set-screw and bearing designs. Popular materials include 304 Stainless Steel and 5052 Aluminum with Urethane as well as Silicon Rubber being offered as a choice of surface treatment. Click here to learn about the material characteristics of Urethane and Silicon Rubber and Click here to view the complete line of MISUMI Rollers.

Screws / Bolts / Washers / Nuts

MISUMI offers an assortment of screws, bolts and nuts suited to meet most any application. From high strength and stainless steel hexagon bolts to quick tightening nuts as well as configurable screws and washers, MISUMI has a complete line of product types with various material and surface options. Click here to learn about the complete line of screws, bolts and nuts from MISUMI. To view the entire line of configurable washers, click here.

MISUMI Configurable Components

In the world of designing and building machines maximizing efficiency is crucial to the overall success of the project. Immediate efficiencies brought to your machine through the use of Configurable Components include:

  • Decreasing the amount of component drawings needed per machine
  • Increasing the amount of components with part numbers per machine
  • Increasing the amount of components with 3D CAD data per machine

Our Business Model

In addition, the MISUMI Business Model offers customers:

  • No minimum order quantities or set up charges for a product portfolio of 400,000 Metric and Inch components.
  • No drawings are required. Use the online CAD Configurator to configure components and download native CAD files.
  • 99.97% on-time delivery rating with most products shipping in 3-6 days. Next day and even same day shipping is also available for some products.
  • Price and delivery are published in the catalog and on the web site for the entire product portfolio.
  • Components can be ordered using the web ordering system at www.misumiusa.com.

For more information about MISUMI:

Inch and Metric Catalogs


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