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Press Dies 2007 Cover
Standard Components for Press Dies
MISUMI offers a line of approximately 117,600 metric press die components such as punches, dies, guides and springs. Manufacturers of automobiles, home appliances, and precision products are among the many customers for these products, which are used in the production of millions of metal consumer products and industrial parts.
WHAT'S NEW - Standard Components for PRESS DIES


Scrap Retention Button Dies Scrap retention during press operations cause product defects or damage to the dies, etc. and can become a serious problem. MISUMI's SR Button Dies can prevent retention by having special grooves machined in the inner surface of the dies, thereby increasing stamping speed by 10 - 10% without having scrap.

Product Data about Scrap Retention


Stock MISUMI has recently expanded it's stock operation at it's QCT Center in Chicago. We now carry more than 500 sizes of Coil Springs, Gas Springs, Ball Plungers, Spring Plungers and Stripper Bolts. We can now respond to your urgent needs, helping minimize downtime and alleviating low stock levels on site.



HW Coating Punches HW coating is a new kind of surface treatment which combines the excellent abrasion resistance of the TiCN coating with the inherent high fatigue strength of the WPC® treatment.

Technical Info about WPC and HW
For more details, contact Customer Service (1-800-681-7475)
or Sales at diemold@misumiusa.com.